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  • 2/6/2022 - Hawaii Estate & Trust Fiduciary Services Newsletter February 2022
    Here is the latest Hawaii estate and trust fiduciary service news and information we think will interest you.
  • 2/6/2022 - What is a Transfer on Death Deed
    A Transfer on Death Deed is a unique type of deed that can be prepared, during the owner's lifetime, to transfer title of a real estate to a designated beneficiary.
  • 2/13/2022 - What is a trust
    A trust is a document that allows a third party (called the trustee) to hold assets in a "box" called the trust on behalf of any beneficiaries.
  • 2/20/2022 - Probate and Ways to Avoid it
    Probate is the legal court process by which a deceased person's estate is distributed to heirs. Probate goes through the court system and can take 1-3 years to complete and as such can be time-consuming, costly, and burdensome.
  • 2/27/2022 - What is a Fiduciary?
    We hear the word "fiduciary" used more and more. But what does it mean? The origin of the word comes from the Latin word "fidere," which means "to trust."

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