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  • 9/1/2022 - Hawaii Estate & Trust Fiduciary Services Newsletter September 2022
    Here is the latest Hawaii estate and trust fiduciary service news and information we think will interest you.
  • 9/5/2022 - Probate and Ways to Avoid it
    Probate is the legal court process by which a deceased person's estate is distributed to heirs. Probate goes through the court system and can take 1-3 years to complete and as such can be time-consuming, costly, and burdensome.
  • 9/12/2022 - What is a Fiduciary?
    We hear the word "fiduciary" used more and more. But what does it mean? The origin of the word comes from the Latin word "fidere," which means "to trust."
  • 9/19/2022 - Intestate Succession in Hawaii
    If you die without a will in Hawaii, your assets will go to your heirs under the intestate succession rules in Hawaii.
  • 9/26/2022 - Special Needs Estate and Trust - Three Essential Documents
    If your child has special needs, a standard estate plan -- will, trust, power of attorney, and health care proxy -- may not be adequate for your family. If your child will not be able to support herself or live independently as an adult, you need to make special provision for her in your estate plan. Here are three must-have documents.

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